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Lucas Synthetic Universal Hydraulic Fluid is a blend of the finest synthetic base stocks and a Lucas additive package that meets or exceeds the most stringent manufacturers’ specifications, including Caterpillar TO2. Expect longer fluid life and longer component life, as well as, more hydraulic pressure, faster response and smoother operation. It is blended under ultra clean conditions and passed through a finite filtration system that guarantees it to be clean of any foreign matter. It’s designed for all temperature extremes and eliminates the need for warm-up time in extreme cold temperatures. It also eliminates slippage, loss of pressure; premature oil breakdown and component wear due to higher than normal operating temperatures.


• Longer fluid and component life

• More hydraulic pressure

• Faster response

• Smoother operation

• Designed for all temperature extremes

Lucas Oil Synthetic Universal Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid

    10100 5 Gal Pail
    10524 55 Gal Drum
    10032 330 Gal Tote


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