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Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is the #1 heavy duty and high performance oil supplement in the world. It eliminates dry starts and resists thermal breakdown for total protection in new engines. It stops smoking, knocking and oil consumption in worn engines. It raises oil pressure, adds lubricity, lowers oil temperatures and stops leaks. It also extends oil life by at least 50%. Use it in any manual transmission or differential to stop wear, leaks, heat, noise and hard shifting. This product safely blends with all petroleum products, even synthetics. It will not void new car warranties.


• Increases oil life at least 50% longer

• Reduces oil consumption

• Eliminates dry starts

• Raises oil pressure

• Increases power and miles per gallon

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

    10001 1 Quart
    10002 1 Gallon
    10015 5 Gal Pail
    10085 16 Gal Keg
    10091 55 Gal Drum
    10398 330 Gal Tote


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