Lucas Heavy Duty Mining and Construction Grease is a smooth, dark gray, lithium complex grease fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide to provide excellent shock loading protection in the most adverse operating conditions. Protects wrist pins and booms from wear. It extends equipment life, reduces down time and improves productivity. It can be used with grease guns as well as in centralized dispensing systems found in industrial plants and heavy duty equipment. Recommended in Caterpillar 994 series loaders and 5130 and 5230 series shovels, off-road trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, logging equipment, mining equipment (heavy duty top loaders), rock crushers, oil field equipment, off shore drilling equipment and marine equipment. Also recommended in 5th wheels, wheel bearings, chassis and steering linkages. It is GC-LB certified and meets or exceeds OEM specifications.


• Provides excellent shock loading protection

• Works in the most adverse operating conditions

• Protects wrist pins and booms from wear

• Extends equipment life

• Water resistant

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Mining & Construction Grease

    10881-30 30 pk - 14 oz
    10881-60 60 pk - 14 oz
    10597 35 lb Pail
    10922 120 lb Keg
    10598 400 lb Drum