The LENTEK™ L-300 are all-purpose mechanical gloves that don’t sacrifice feel, comfort, or flexibility. The work gloves are coated in a sandy nitrile providing a heavy duty grip in wet or oily environments. Protect your hands from grease, oils, hydrocarbons, and abrasions with the L-300. The micro-pores in the nitrile allow the gloves to be breathable making them comfortable for long wear. 



  • Sandy nitrile coating 

  • Protects hands from grease, oils, hydrocarbons, and abrasions 

  • Micro-porese ensuring comfort and breathability 

  • Non-slip properties for sure grip, coupled with flexibility for detail work 

  • Ergonomic, seamless, form-fitting liner for excellent comfort 

  • Latex-free, greatly reducing allergy risk 

  • Silicone-free 

LENTEK™ L-300 Sandy Nitrile Coated Gloves

  • Part Number Size
    50000092 Small
    50000093 Medium
    50000094 Large
    50000095 X-Large
    50000096 XX-Large