Handy Antibac Antiseptic Hand Sanitation Wipes keep hands and surfaces germ-free. Our wipes are made with 75% Ethyl alcohol providing a maximum strength productthat kills germs.



• 75% Ethyl alcohol hand and surface wipe

• Real & effective antibacterial cleaning in and out of the home

• Kills germs without water

• Made with more than 90% of naturally derived ingredients

• Instant rinse-free hand cleaning with added aloe vera to moisturize hands

• Effectively disinfects a wide range of surfaces as used in hospitals

• Handy 10 pack easily fits into hand bags, school bags, even pockets. Perfect for keeping in the cars glove box

• Suitable to use in and out of the home

  • While Working  

  • In the Car/Bus/Train

  • While dining out  

  • Shopping

  • Public Bathrooms 

  • Mobile Devices

  • Children's Toys

• 50 pack and 150 wipe bucket sizes are perfect for commercial and professional use 




Handy Antibac Antiseptic Hand Sanitizing Wipes - COMING SOON