Great Stuff's™ most economical foam-dispensing gun, the PRO Gun 13 is a great place to get started when applying Great Stuff Pro™ products. It enables precise, pinpoint application control when applying adhesive and filling, sealing and insulating gaps, cracks and window and door jambs. All PRO Series foam-dispensing guns are designed to create an air- and moisture-tight seal between the gun and the can. Each PRO gun features a flow control mechanism that permits dispensing a bead size from 1/8" to 3" precisely where needed. The ability to restart combined with pinpoint control allows for maximum foam yield and minimal waste.



  • PRO Series foam-dispensing gun eliminates post-dispensing foam drip, helping reduce foam waste and minimize cleanup
  • Most economical Great Stuff Pro gun offers high quality at a lower price
  • Features a lightweight, durable handle and body with a large metal trigger for comfort and quality
  • Replaceable, barbed dispenser tip ensures precise application
  • Large flow control knob allows for easy adjustment
  • Good bead control for variable bead size from 1/8" to 3"

Great Stuff™ Pro 13 Gun

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