DOWSIL™ 737 Neutral Cure Sealant Clear is designed for diverse OEM and assembly applications. General uses include bonding and sealing, formed-inplace gasketing and maintenance applications. Specific uses include:

  • Substitute for mechanical fasteners on large and small appliances
  • Sealing refrigerator and freezer liners (however, not FDA-approved for food-contact applications)
  • Adhering plastic moldings to plastic substrates for trim applications, Decals
  • Waterproofing electrical components
  • Sealing coaxial connectors
  • Protecting instrumentation assemblies



  • Primerless adhesion to many materials
  • Oxime cure; cures at room temperature upon exposure to moisture in the air
  • Adhesion to many plastics, metals, painted surfaces, glass and rubbers
  • Does not react with or corrode most metals or plastics (see Limitations)
  • Fast cure – 3 to 6 minutes skinover time; 14 minute tack-free time
  • Cures to a handling condition in 24 hours on exposure to moisture in the air
  • Will not slump, sag or run off surfaces
  • Broad temperature range performance; cured material stays flexible from -85°F to 350°F (- 65°C to 177°C)
  • 100 percent silicone rubber


4098499 90 ML (12 CTN) Clear
4098498 300 ML (12 CTN) Clear
4099911 300 ML (12 CTN) Black
4100011 300 ML (12 CTN) White
4098497 17.6 KG Clear
4099910 17.6 KG Black
4099876 17.6 KG White

DOWSIL™ 737 Neutral Cure Sealant