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DOWSIL™ 3-7509 Silicone Sealant Black is intended for use as a secondary sealant in a dual-sealed insulating glass unit (see Figure 1). A primary seal, typically polyisobutylene, is required to prevent moisture vapor from transmitting into the airspace of the insulating glass unit. Dow Corning 3-7509 Silicone Sealant can bond the individual components, forming a weather-resistant unit capable of being certified to a CBA rating by an independent test laboratory in accordance with industry standards.



  • Good unprimed adhesion to uncoated glass and aluminum
  • Single component formulation, minimizing waste and downtime by eliminating base purging and static mixer maintenance
  • Consistently non-slump, permitting automated glazing
  • Excellent shelf life stability
  • Easy tooling


3320766205 KG 205 KG



DOWSIL™ 3-7509 Silicone Sealant Black

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