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Weather-resistant glazing sealant

DOWSIL™ Silicone Glazing Sealant is resistant to sunlight and weather extremes and has high strength and excellent adhesion. It is a professional quality sealant specifically formulated to meet glass shop glazing needs.

The glazing sealant forms a long-lasting seal with ±25% movement capability when properly applied. Its unique formulation ensures adhesion to many building substrates and a longer working time means a professional appearance for the finished job.


  • Cures to 100% silicone rubber

  • Resistant to sunlight and weather extremes

  • High strength, excellent adhesion

  • Supplied in a removable, reusable, resealable nozzle that saves time and sealant

  • Remains flexible, will not become brittle, crack, shrink, or chalk


  • Sealing most glass, plastics metal, repainted surfaces, fiberglass, ceramics, and aluminum substrates

  • Repairing weather stripping gaskets

  • General glazing applications, backlite replacement and skylight installations

DOWSIL Silicone Glazing Sealant meets the requirements of:

  • ASTM C920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, G and A

  • TT-S-001543A

  • TT-S-00230C, Class A (COM-NBS)

To order DOWSIL™ Silicone Glazing Sealant call 270-765-2212 or email

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