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Now offering DOWFROST™ HD

Order DOWFROST™ HD from Lentus

You can now order DOWFROST™ HD from Lentus! Formulated with 94% propylene glycol, DOWFROST™ HD is specifically designed with industrial corrosion inhibitors. It is the only inhibited glycol made with DOW PuraGuard™ Propylene Glycol USP/EP. The fluid is dyed fluorescent yellow for leak detection purposes. Solutions in water provide freeze protection to below -50ºC (-60ºF) and burst protection to below -73ºC (-100ºF). DOWFROST™ HD is used in the HVAC industry or whenever low toxicity, environmentally heat transfer fluids are needed. At Lentus, we offer several formulations of DOWFROST™ HD so you can select the blend that is best for the application needed.


  • Single fluid process heating and cooling

  • Closed-loop

  • Water-based HVAC applications where propylene glycol solutions are preferred or required

GIve us a call at 270-765-2212 or email to order DOWFROST™ HD.

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