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If you’re a wholesale distributor, Lentus means proven brands from partners you trust.

Lentus distributes products for some of the highest quality and best-known brands in the world including DOWSIL sealants, Great Stuff insulating foams, Lucas Oil Products, Instant Power Professionals, LENTEK Gloves and Handy Antibac. But, having great products to offer is just part of the story. Wholesale distributors are interested in great products, but they need to get them from reliable, flexible resources like Lentus who bring more value to the supply chain.

Lentus brings flexibility with a willingness to meet your needs in many ways. There are many situations in which wholesale distributors require special packaging. Many suppliers are not structured to accommodate these packaging needs, but Lentus will go the extra mile to package products to meet these needs precisely.

Delivery requirements can be tricky to meet, but the ability to deliver in the tightest of circumstances was one of the considerations we took into account when locating our headquarters. We are headquartered in Kentucky, which places us right in the middle of North America and next to some of the largest logistics hubs in the world. This means we can provide you with quick delivery times and efficient logistics no matter where you’re located.

Our real-time customer service is available to answer questions, take orders, and get the job done when you need them. We are committed to solving Wholesale Distributor's problems throughout our organization with a focus on successfully fulfilling your special requests. ​

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