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Flexible, long-lasting sealant

DOWSIL™ 700 Industrial Grade Silicone is flexible and long-lasting

DOWSIL™ 700 Industrial Grade Silicone is a one-component, acetoxy curing, silicone rubber that is used for sealing out moisture, caulking, and bonding industrial applications, appliances, and automotive parts. It is non-slumping and resistant to weathering and extreme temperatures.


  • Adhering to appliance trim

  • Sealant for compressors, gearboxes, and pumps

  • Bonding appliance parts and signs

  • Caulking doors and windows

  • Sealing out or in moisture


  • Resistant to weather

  • Withstands temperature extremes; remains flexible from -76 to 350°F (-60 to 177°C) for continuous use and up to 400°F (204°C) for intermittent use

  • Cures at room temperature

  • Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 for incidental contact with food

  • NSF ANSI 51 for all food contact types

  • Recognized under UL QMFZ2

Contact Lentus to order DOWSIL 700 by calling 270-765-2212 or emailing

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