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Enhance Efficiency with LENTEK™ Foam Sealants

LENTEK™ Insulating Foam Sealants provide a cost-effective solution for sealing and insulating gaps, offering long-lasting, triple-expanding foam that effectively eliminates airflow and enhances energy efficiency. These high-quality foam sealants adhere to various surfaces, making them ideal for insulating gaps and cracks in different materials. The professional-grade sealant can be easily sanded, painted, and stained, allowing for seamless integration with any project.


  • Triple expanding to fill, seal, and insulate gaps and cracks

  • Long-lasting, airtight, and weather-resistant seal

  • Helps keep insects, moisture/condensation, and allergens out

  • Adheres to wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most common building materials

  • Interior/exterior use

  • UL classified


  • 2299120, 12 OZ Straw Can, Tan, 12 / 768

To order LENTEK™ Insulating Foam Sealant call 270-765-2212 or email

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