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Easy-to-use, superior mold-making material

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use mold-making material that will deliver consistently superior results, look no further. Dow’s silicone mold-making material SILASTIC™ creates tough-but- flexible molds to reproduce intricate details and deliver high-quality replicas.

SILASTIC™ can be used with masters made of stone, glass, wood, metal, wax, ceramic, plaster, and clay. And it’s compatible with a wide range of casting materials.

Each SILASTIC™ mold-making product consists of two components: a liquid silicone rubber base and a catalyst or curing agent. There are two basic cure types — condensation cure and addition cure. Within each cure type, SILASTIC™ offers several products in a range of viscosities with variable cure times. To identify the product(s) best suited to your application, start by using this Step-By-Step SILASTIC™ Selection Guide.


  • Easy to use

  • Reproduces intricate details

  • Hold severe undercuts

  • Features excellent release characteristics

  • Provide good resistance to most chemicals

  • Offer tailorable working times and cure rates

  • Resist tearing with repeated used

  • Flexible to reproduce demolding and stress problems

  • Working a in wide range of service temperatures

Give us a call at 270-765-2212 or email to order a SILASTIC™ product.

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