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80% alcohol hand sanitizer

80% alcohol LENTEK™ Hand Sanitizer

LENTEK™ Hand Sanitizer keeps hands and surfaces germ-free with the maximum protection of 80% ethanol alcohol. Buy in bulk or by bottle with the convenient options below.


  • 5-gallon pail

  • 54-gallon drum

  • 250-gallon tote

  • 8 oz spray bottle – 12 units/case

  • 32 oz bottle – 12 units/case


  • FDA and TTB Certified (Labeler code: 74481)

  • Kills germs without water

  • Bulk sizes perfect for resellers or high-volume users

  • Totes equipped for use with tote pumps rated for flammable liquid

Contact Lentus to order LENTEK™ Hand Sanitizer by calling 270-765-2212 or emailing

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