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Fill and Seal Provides Great Quality Insulating Foam at a Price You can Afford

Dow Fill and Seal packs plenty of punch at an affordable price. This expanding foam sealant uses urethane foam in order to fill large areas quickly and permanently. Dow Fill and Seal’s applications include filling holes, cracks, or gaps that require a complete airtight and waterproof seal but are too large to be filled with ordinary caulk. The foam expands approximately 3 times its original volume, is tack-free in approximately 45 minutes, and is fully cured in 12 hours. A dispensing apparatus is included with each 12 oz. can.


  • Used primarily for sealing penetrations and air leaks in the building envelope, fills cracks, gaps and holes

  • Interior or exterior use

  • Stainable, paintable, moldable

  • Closed cell for blocking radon gas and air infiltration


This affordable yet powerful foam sealant is the perfect choice for a variety of uses. Contact us today for purchasing details!

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