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Why is the inhibitor so important to my heat transfer fluid?

Next to freeze-ups, corrosion is potentially one of the most severe threats faced by water-based HVAC systems. Even under moderate conditions, corrosion can strip away critical layers of metal from system components and eventually foul your chiller coils.

If you’re using uninhibited glycol-based fluid, your systems are at risk for corrosion. Even an inhibited glycol-based fluid can lead to corrosion in your system if it’s improperly formulated.

How Can I Prevent This?

DOWFROST Fluids are formulated specifically with industrial inhibitor packages designed to prevent corrosion of the metals commonly used in HVAC systems. Unlike other inhibited glycol fluids, DOWFROST fluids can easily be analyzed to determine corrosion inhibitor condition. If properly maintained, DOWFROST fluids may not require further inhibiting for up to 20 years.

The benefits of DOWFROST don’t stop there. It’s are backed by comprehensive fluid support services, complete with a free annual fluid analysis for systems containing 250 gallons of fluid (as concentrate) or more.

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