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Get a month of protection from one can with the new smart dispenser

Great Stuff just got even greater. The new Great Stuff Smart Dispenser gives you more control while eliminating the usual mess associated with insulating foam. And, the new dispenser is reusable for up to 30 days! The Smart Dispenser allows for no-drip dispensing, is easy to use, and provides greater control.

Reusable up to 30 Days

Getting tired of throwing away half-used cans of Great Stuff? Our new Smart Dispenser allows your can of insulating foam to be reusable for up to 30 days! You can set it aside for as long as you need, or you can use it for multiple projects all month long. Having 30-day reusability changes the game for your foam insulation projects.

No-Drip Dispensing

Our Smart Dispenser now features no-drip dispensing! When you’re using Great Stuff with a Smart Dispenser at your home to seal gaps and cracks, pull the trigger to dispense the foam just like always, but now, when you release the trigger, the tip of the dispenser will close, stopping the flow of the sealant.

Easy to Use

The Smart Dispenser is simple to use. Just attach the Smart Dispenser to your can of insulating foam, shake the can, turn it upside down, place the tip on the gap you want to fill, and pull the trigger!

Greater Control

The Smart Dispenser not only allows you to stop the flow of the sealant on command, but it also allows you to control the amount of foam you dispense. The amount of pressure you place on the trigger will determine how much or how little foam you dispense from your can. Now, you have complete control over your projects!

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Ready to see the difference the Smart Dispenser makes for yourself? Contact us today to get started!

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