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If you’re buying inferior cut-resistant gloves, cut it out! – LENTEK L-250 Level 5 Cut-Resistant Glo

These gloves are definitely a cut above the rest. If your operation includes cut-risk environments, this industrial glove will provide the perfect layer of protection to keep your workers safe. The L-250 gloves from Lentek act as an “extra skin,” while still providing a full range of motion and tactility.

Here are some benefits of these gloves:

  • Liner material is High-Performance Polyethylene (HPPE), reinforced with glass fiber, and features a consistently tight no-gap weave for outstanding cut resistance

  • Meets the U.S. standard ANSI-Level 4 and European standard CE Level 5 for cut resistance

  • Non-slip properties for sure grip, while still maintaining flexibility for detailed work

  • Form-fitting, seamless, and ergonomic liner reduces hand fatigue and allows for all-day wear in excellent comfort

  • Latex-free to reduce allergy risk

  • Silicone-free

These gloves are perfect for a wide range of cut-risk environments, including:

  • Construction

  • HVAC/Plumbing Contractors

  • Electricians

  • Automotive

  • Maintenance

  • Oil and Gas

  • General Industry and Material Handling

Let’s Get Started

These gloves come in S, M, L, XL and XXL. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your gloves. Contact Lentus today to get started.

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