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When It Comes to Glycol, A Bargain Isn’t Always Best

Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it comes to safety. Skimping out when it comes to heat transfer fluid can have some pretty bad consequences. A bargain heat transfer fluid can lead to higher maintenance, repair, and downtime costs over the course of your system’s lifespan. A low-quality heat transfer fluid also heightens the risk of catastrophic failure.

The Advantage DOWFROST

DOWFROST contains industrial inhibitor packages that are specially designed to not foul heat transfer surfaces or degrade gaskets or seals, keeping your system running smoothly and safely. These inhibitors prevent metals from corroding and are commonly found in HVAC systems, including thermal energy storage, hydronic heating, solar, ground source heat pumps, and other closed-loop, water-based heating and air conditioning systems.

Let’s Get Started

DOWFROST heat transfer fluid makes it easy to ensure stays up and running safely for as long as possible. Be sure to take advantage of our free annual fluid analysis for systems containing 250 gallons of Dow fluid or more. Contact us today for purchasing details.

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