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LENTEK L-250 Cut-Resistant Gloves work when other competitors just can’t cut it.

LENTEK L-250 CUT 5 Cut-Resistant Gloves keep right on working in environments our competitors just can’t handle. With a CUT rating of CUT 5 (the highest rating possible for cut protection), LENTEK L-250 gloves are able to take more punishment in harsh environments involving work with sharp edges and tools.

We have applied LENTEK nitrile-foam coating to the finest cut-resistant material available. The result is the L-250 cut-resistant series of work gloves. Not only do these gloves meet the highest standard for cut-resistance, they also maintain excellent fit and durability long after competing products have given up.

Sharp procurement managers know that they can count on the protection of L-250s, and they appreciate that longer lasting gloves mean cost savings over time. L-250s create a win-win situation every time they are brought into the workplace.

Rely on LENTEK L-250 gloves for:

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Plumbing

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Transportation

  • And much more…

Hand protection and comfort is important to your customers, and they’re looking for products from brands they know and trust like LENTEK. Lentus brings service and a commitment to your success together with great products and the ease of ordering. To learn more, contact Lentus today.

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