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Have you tried the new Great Stuff Smart Dispenser yet?

Great Stuff insulating foam really is pretty great stuff. Expandable foam sealant is the answer to so many sealing and insulating problems across many applications, including:

  • Gaps and Cracks

  • Big Gap Filler

  • Window and Door

  • Fireblock

  • Pond and Stone

But, if you’ve ever used Great Stuff sealant in the past with the old standard application straw dispenser, you know that it can be a messy experience. There is little control in the amount of product you’re applying, and the foam keeps expanding in the tube after you apply it, leaving a dripping, sticky mess everywhere the can goes. You also know that if you use it once, it dries in the tube. Even though you may have half of the can left, you might as well throw it away, because you’ll never be able to use it a second time.

Well, that’s all changing with the Great Stuff Smart Dispenser. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should. The application of product with the Smart Dispenser is smooth and controllable. You can easily lay down wide or narrow beads with an adjustable trigger mechanism that keeps you in total control only applying foam when and where you need it.

With all this control, you also get flexibility with the Smart Dispenser. The tip of the application tube seals after use, allowing you to use it again and again for up to 30 days.

Now, Great Stuff insulating foam is even greater! Try Great Stuff with the new Smart Dispenser, and step into the future of foam insulation. For more information about Great Stuff and Smart Dispensing technology, contact Lentus today.

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