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Does your Glycol pass the test?

So, you have a system that requires glycol heat transfer fluid, but do you ever wonder what’s really circulating around in there? How it is it performing? Does it have the proper inhibitors to stop corrosion, and just how pure is it?

Lentus wants to know too. That’s why we’re offering to test the glycol currently in your system. All you have to do is to provide your rep for Lentus products with a sample of the glycol in your system, and we’ll deliver it to the Dow Labs to determine the exact specifications of your sample. You’ll be provided with a full report about your current glycol and recommendations from the experts at Dow concerning the absolute best glycol solution for your specific system. And the best part, we’ll do all of this FREE OF CHARGE!

Lentus wants to be your supplier of DOWFROST heat transfer fluid. We know that the first step in developing this relationship is to understand exactly what you need for your system. The best way to determine this is to work with you as a partner to discover the best solution specific to your unique needs. At Lentus we’re more than just a supplier, we’re problem solvers and solution providers.

Take advantage of our free offer to test your system’s glycol. For more information about how you can participate, Contact Lentus today.

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