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Lentus is proud to add Fastenal to our top tier of customers

With brand names like Dow, Dupont, Lucas Oil and LENTEK, and the high-quality products each provides, Fastenal knew that Lentus was a partnership their customers would appreciate. Fastenal customers appreciate quality, and Lentus delivers.

Lentus has added Fastenal as our newest top-tier customer, and we are now authorized to provide products to Fastenal stores throughout North America. By building on quality products and unmatched services Fastenal and Lentus have much in common.

Fastenal provides companies with the fasteners, tools, and supplies they need to manufacture products, build structures, protect personnel, and maintain facilities and equipment. The Company has always been guided by a motto of “Growth Through Customer Service®”. Local Fastenal teams work closely with customers to keep needed supplies flowing, provide supply chain solutions and expertise, and drive business improvements that help them compete and thrive. Fastenal doesn’t just make a sale; they align with customers to make them more successful.

Lentus is now taking orders from Fastenal distributors and we are working to connect on the store level across more than 2,200 branches. The addition of the Fastenal network is a great Lentus success story and we’re excited about the opportunities the future holds with this newest customer addition.

Click here to learn more about Fastenal.

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