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Check out the full line of Lentus HVAC/R Plumbing products!

2018 was a big year for Lentus and in 2019 we have continued to grow our relationships with new key product partners bringing you more high-quality brands than ever. If you are an HVAC/R-Plumbing distributor, you may not be aware of all that Lentus has to offer with the inclusion our new product categories.

Here’s a list of our current product categories:

  • DowSil sealants

  • Dow GreatStuff and Froth-Pak insulating foams

  • LENTEK gloves

  • Bear Knuckle gloves

  • DOWFROST heat transfer fluids

  • Lucas Oil products

  • Silastic mold making products

Consolidating your purchasing from one provider can be a real benefit in the efficiency of ordering and cost savings from shipping. If you are taking advantage of only one or two of the product categories Lentus has to offer, it may be time to consider others. Lentus is known for carrying only the highest quality products from brands your customers know and appreciate. So contact us today to learn more about all that Lentus hast to offer and how we can best benefit your needs.

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