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Take the LENTEK L-600 Touch Test

Get in touch with LENTEK L-600 Disposable Gloves and you’ll know why distributors are switching to this great new brand. Once you touch these gloves the difference is obvious because L-600 gloves are made with Texture Technology that incorporates millions of tiny raised bumps on the surface that give you extra gripping even in wet environments. This extra grip increases safety and ensures higher productivity.

The L-600s provide a super strong barrier between the wearer and the work they do with a 6.0ml thickness that gives them extended durability. They are latex-free, powder free, puncture resistant and chemical resistant.

So be sure to take the LENTEK touch test. Get in touch with Lentus today and ask for a free sample of the new LENTEK L-600 Disposable Gloves. Experience our thicker, disposable nitrile gloves with Texture Technology for yourself. You and your customers will like what you feel.

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