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DOWFROST Means protection and performance

When it comes to glycol products used as heat transfer fluid for HVAC systems, not all products are made the same. You can rely on Dow, a name you can trust, to provide the best protection possible for your system. DOWFROST heat transfer fluids protect against freeze damage and corrosion as the best choice you can make for your system.

Protection against freeze damage — If your system is exposed to freezing temperatures, your fluid must provide protection against winter freeze-up and resulting burst pipes and other damage to system components. Without this protection, you can face catastrophic damage to building contents, untimely system shutdowns, and the high cost of installing replacement parts.

Protection against corrosion — But freeze protection isn’t the only reason to choose the right fluid. There is also the ever-present threat of corrosion damage in your system’s circulating system...caused by water and made even worse by improperly inhibited glycol fluids. Although corrosion damage may not result in catastrophic failure, it can be every bit as costly. If allowed to occur unchecked, corrosion in your system can reduce operating efficiency. What’s more, it can lead to extended system shut downs and significant expense for system cleaning and other maintenance, as well as replacement of damaged components.

Contact Lentus today. We’re your source for DOWFROST heat transfer fluids available in the volumes you need including one gallon, five gallon and 55-gallon containers. Just choose the one that is right for your needs.

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