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What you need to know about hand protection from chemical exposure

Most hand injuries and chemical exposures are easily preventable by wearing protective gloves. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not used because a worker may feel that, besides getting in the way of the hazard, they also get in the way of doing the job. That's why it is crucial to choose gloves to suit both needs: dexterity and personal protection.

When choosing a glove, it should be selected on the basis of the material being handled, the particular hazard involved and their suitability for the operation being conducted. With so many choices in hand protection, matching the right glove to a specific work environment can be confusing. To help alleviate some of that confusion, we will discuss the aspects of latex, nitrile and neoprene gloves, so you can make the right choice your use of gloves.

Latex Gloves

Natural rubber, or latex, gloves are the most common type of glove used in occupational settings. However, latex gloves are not very chemical-resistant and are mainly used in the food and the medical industry, because they don’t protect well against bloodborne pathogens. The main concern when using latex is the possibility of an allergic reaction to the powder coating in the gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves have a good, general chemical resistance and can be less expensive than other gloves. As a result, they are used in a wider variety of applications than most gloves. Nitrile gloves resist gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum solvents well. In an effort to prevent latex allergies, medical gloves are often made out of nitrile because it is also resistant to oils and fats in the body. Nitrile gloves are not recommended for use with ketones, strong oxidizing acids and organic chemicals containing nitrogen and also tend to have a rather poor flame resistance.

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