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Properly inhibited heat transfer fluid is a system saver

Save your system from corrosion with DOWFROST fluids

Corrosion. Next to freeze-ups, it’s one of the biggest threats to heating and cooling efficiency water-based HVAC systems face. Even under relatively moderate conditions, corrosion can rapidly strip away precious layers of metal from system components and eventually foul chiller coils. As the photos above illustrate, an uninhibited glycol-based fluid can cause corrosion. Yet, even an inhibited glycol fluid will corrode your system if it’s not inhibited properly.

DOWFROST fluids, on the other hand, contain precisely formulated industrial inhibitor packages that are proven highly effective in preventing corrosion of metals commonly used in HVAC systems. And, unlike some other inhibited glycol fluids, DOWTHERM and DOWFROST fluids can be easily analyzed to determine corrosion inhibitor condition. Properly maintained, DOWFROST fluids may not require reinhibiting for up to 20 years.

Contact Lentus today for more information about DOWFROST heat transfer fluids. We deliver the right product in the volumes you need. We can even accommodate custom dilutions if needed.

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