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WHICH DOWFROST formula is right for you?

Lentus is now the master distributor for Dowfrost glycol products including DOWFROST, DOWFROST Pro and DOWFROST RTU, but how do you know which one is right for you? It all comes down to the mix that is needed for your application. DOWFROST is diluted with clear, clean deionized water for varying applications. The glycol concentrate varies by product as listed below:



DOWFROST RTU specifically diluted to meet your individual needs.

Most applications for glycol heat transfer fluids have specific recommendations for the dilution needed to do the job right. Some list requirements for glycol fluids that fall within a range between two temperatures. The temperatures are the freeze and burst points for the fluid.

Freeze and burst temperatures for our products are as follows:

A full freeze and burst temperature chart based on the dilution of DOWFROST glycol is below for your reference:

To learn more about DOWFROST products, or to place and order, Contact Lentus today.

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