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Do you grasp the difference texture technology makes?

LENTEK L-600 disposable gloves

LENTEK L-600 disposable gloves use TEXTURE TECHNOLOGY for stronger gripping than other disposable gloves. The micro-ridges found in our gloves make it easier to pick-up and handle small parts and pieces that are often part of job performance. With larger items it means you will grip tools and instruments more firmly, even in wet environments. All of this means better productivity and more confidence that the job will be done right.

LENTEK L-600 disposable gloves are designed for comfort and dexterity. They are Polymer coated for easy donning, and with super-thick super strong 6.0mil nitrile construction they are some of the toughest disposable gloves available. These gloves are:

  • Latex free

  • Chemical resistant

  • Puncture resistant

  • Powder free

  • Ambidextrous

Contact Lentus today to learn more about how you can get your hands on the new LENTEK L-600 disposable gloves and all the other great glove products in the LENTEK line. Brought to you by Lentus.

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