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Lentus warehouses our products to be in-stock – the benefits to you are huge

Lentus is your pipeline to the products your customers need today, not tomorrow or next week. Your customers demand the availability of resources to perform work almost instantly. Contractors rely on wholesalers to have products in-stock and ready to go.

With Lentus you are assured that our products are in-stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. We are headquartered in Kentucky placing our warehousing right in the middle of North America providing you with quick delivery times and efficient logistics no matter where you're located.

Our commitment to have the products you need in-stock is unmatched and we provide many other benefits too. Lower minimum order quantity, fast shipping, customer support and sales personnel ensuring that you can contact a human being, easy ordering, and custom fulfillment is available.

When Wholesale Distributors rely on Lentus products and services they know products will be in-stock and delivered on time. Lentus provides the highest quality products with brand names your customers know and trust.

Contact Lentus today to see how you can reap the benefits of our fully stocked warehouse and our logistic strategies ensuring quick delivery times.

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