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Product performance in HVAC/R-Plumbing industry adds-up

The HVAC/R Plumbing industry is competitive and demanding. It requires the availability of resources to perform work almost instantly. Contractors rely on wholesalers to have reliable products in-stock and ready to go.

What’s just as important as having products in stock? Those products must be of the highest quality and they have to perform over time. Time and money are often wasted dealing with call-backs to re-do work with the cause being the failure of products that were used the first time around.

Lentus understands how important product performance is to the guys doing the work, and that having a reputation for providing the best job components to contractors is extremely important for wholesale dealers. That’s why Lentus supplies only the best products from manufacturers your customers know and trust. Brands like Dow, DOWSIL, Dupont, SILASTIC, Great Stuff, LENTEK and more are key to our ability to ensure quality products every time.

Contact Lentus today and get high performance products, always in stock and from brands you know and trust.

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