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Lentus delivers a new vendor partner website helping companies sell products across North America.

As Master Distributor for Dow Corning sealants, Dow Great Stuff and Froth Pak foam insulations and Advanced Gloves, Lentus has years of experience in the service of well-known brands solving distribution challenges and creating scale solutions that work. This work has positioned Lentus as the go-to resource for taking products to market across the western hemisphere fast. We have the experience and wide distribution networks to make it happen seamlessly.

This experience makes Lentus an attractive partner not only for companies located in the US, but especially for companies who want to bring their products to US markets but lack sales and distribution networks, market knowledge, warehousing, and marketing and financial management in the states. Lentus provides one resource that can handle all of these challenges while providing access to and existing distribution network with over 2,000 points of distribution.

Now Lentus has launched an additional website that is solely focused on helping companies with solutions for selling their products across North America. The site provides information about why a company might partner with Lentus. It explains the challenges companies might face when bringing products to market and even shares a checklist for companies interested in selling in the US.

The new website covers all the bases and provides case studies that demonstrate how Lentus has assisted others in the past as well as descriptions of current vendor partner relationships. Seeing is believing and lentus can show you the way to new selling opportunities in the largest economy in the world.

To link to the new Lentus vendor partner website, link to and take your first steps toward successful sales in North America.

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