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What is FireBlock insulating foam anyway?

The purpose of Dow Great Stuff FireBlock insulating foam is to slow the spreading of smoke and fire.

It forms a barrier to cut off concealed draft openings between floors, a top story and an attic or roof, and between walls.

Fireblock helps to avoid a chimney effect that would allow smoke and flames to spread to adjacent walls and floor spaces. The goal is to slow the spread of smoke and fire to allow time for occupants to evacuate a structure.

Dow Great Stuff FireBlock rated products are orange so inspectors can identify them easily.

Lentus supplies a number of Dow Great Stuff products that are rated for FireBlock. To learn more about Dow Great Stuff Fireblock insulating foam and all of the other Dow Great Stuff foam products link to the Lentus website.

Hope this information was helpful, thanks for joining us in the Lentus Lab. We’ll see you next time.

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