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Introducing Lentus Lab

As a trusted supplier providing expertise in our product offering areas including DOWSIL silicone sealants, Dow Great Stuff insulating foam, and Advanced Gloves, Lentus is taking another step to bring even more value to our customers. We’re introducing the Lentus Lab.

The Lentus Lab is a video based virtual laboratory where we test and demonstrate product properties, attributes, proper use, features and benefits to you. The Lentus Lab has been developed to help communicate our deep knowledge base surrounding the products we provide. The Lab serves as a how to resource as well as providing product comparisons and proper use.

You’ll find Lentus Lab videos in the LentusLab playlist on our YouTube channel, or just go to this special landing page created to house all of the videos in the Lentus Lab library in one convenient location.

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