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Meet Todd Klenk – Your Information Link

Lentus is the Master Distributor for Advanced Gloves, DOWSIL Silicone Sealants and Great Stuff expandable insulating foams. Our wide array of products serve as key components in many applications helping to get the job done right every time. But which is the right product for your application? What should you know about using products for the best outcomes? Just ask the expert! Todd Klenk brings over 25 years of product engineering and testing experience to Lentus and we want to share that knowledge with you.

Here are just a few of the experiences Todd brings to bear on your behalf as the Lents product expert.

  • 27 years with Dow Corning as an application engineer/technical service resource for sealing and gasketing in the automotive and industrial assembly and maintenance markets.

  • Products types: Sealants/RTV’s, Cured In Place Gasketing for two part liquid silicone and Dispensed Foam Gasketing for two part foam both robotically dispensed and cured for assembly.

  • Aided customers in the product selection, part/flange design, material processing equipment,

  • Tested materials to the customer specifications

  • Designed and built specialized material testing fixtures

  • Developed specialized application methods to reduce material waste and improve customers’ production rates.

  • Helped Customers solve production issues due to equipment issues or process problems.

  • Specialized in Robotically applied material solutions

  • Todd has a degree in Robotics and Automated Systems Control

All of this experience is ready to go to work for you as a new resource provided by Lentus: ASK THE EXPERT!

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