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Gun Control. Stop killing full cans with clogged tubes.

Never throw away a nearly full can of insulating foam that became clogged after one use again.

Our spray insulating foam gun provides a no-waste system allowing you to use all of the insulating foam you purchase. Dow Great Stuff Pro spray foam insulation guns are built to reduce product waste. The gun is designed to have the ability to restart with no post-dispensing foam drip combined with pinpoint control allowing maximum foam yield and minimal waste. Use the same can of foam on various projects again and again over days, weeks or months.

You can count on Lentus to provide the high quality products you expect from brands your customers trust like Great Stuff Pro foam insulation. Our service and commitment to your success together with great products has given Lentus a reputation as a sure-shot solution.

Find out more please contact Fred Hoffmann, the Lentus National Sales Manager: 317-853-6737

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