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Oils and Lubricants Made in America for Industrial Markets

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of oil, additives, and lubricants for automotive and industrial applications. Lucas has partnered with Lentus to be the Master Distributor for Industrial applications of oil and lubricant products offering products in the following areas:

  • Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Greases

  • Engine Oil Additives

  • Problem Solvers

  • Motor Oils

  • 2-Cycle Oil

  • Fuel Treatments

For more information call Lentus at 1-855-264-9021


Lucas Oil Catalog

Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids
  • Industrial Gear Oils

  • Heavy Duty Transmission and Drive Train Oils

  • Heavy Duty Gear Oils

  • Synthetic Gear Oils

Hydraulic Oils
  • Universal Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid

  • Synthetic Universal Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid

  • Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak

  • Synthetic Compressor Oils

  • AW Hydraulic Oils

  • Non-Conductive AW Hydraulic Oil

  • Multi-Viscosity AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

  • R&O Hydraulic Oils

This series of videos gives you a first hand look at how to use Lentus products properly and gives you tips to get the most out of the tools you use. 

Have a question about a particular product or application?  Leverage the knowledge of our product experts and they'll get back to you with the information you need.

  • Heavy Duty Minin and Construction Grease

  • Red "N" Tacky Grease

  • Red "N" Tacky Spray Grease

  • X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

  • Marine Grease

  • Red "N" Tacky / 5th Wheel Lube

  • White Lithium Grease

Engine Oil Additives
  • Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

  • Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer

  • Engine Oil Stop Leak

Problem Solvers
  • 5th Wheel and Slider Lube

  • Chain Lube Aerosol

  • Penetrating Oil

  • Multi-Purpose Parts Cleaner and Degreaser

Motor Oils
  • Heavy Duty CK-4 Diesel Oils

  • SAE 15W-40 Magnum CI-4

  • SAE 30

  • SAE 10W-30

  • SAE 20W-50

  • Synthetic SAE 5W-30

  • Synthetic SAW 10W-30

  • Synthetic SAE 20W-50

2-Cycle Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Fuel Treatments
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant Fuel Treatment

  • Diesel Deep CleanTM

  • Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment

Hand Sanitizers
  • Hand Sanitizer 2 quarts

  • Hand Sanitizer 2 ounces

Lucas Oil Hand Sanitizer 2qt.png
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