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LENTEK Brand Roll-out

Having identified a very high-quality product and developing a vendor partner relationship with the manufacturer in Thailand, Lentus was challenged with developing the best way to bring this product to US markets.

The North American market for Nitrile disposable gloves is very large, so the opportunity to bring a new product to market could be met with equally large success if the approach to sales was handled correctly. Lentus leveraged their extensive network of product representatives and wholesalers to research exactly what market was looking for and where the best opportunities for new sales existed.

Based on this research, the decision was made not only to create a new brand name to wrap around the disposable glove product, but to create a brand that could be expanded to serve as a brand name for other lines of gloves and ultimately a full line of personal protective equipment. This kind of forward thinking has always served both Lentus and their vendor partners well for many years.

Lentek Logo.png

With all the foundational research done, and with creative development focused on capitalizing on the Lentus brand and the ability to bring quality and new technology to market, the LENTEK Personal Protective Equipment brand was born.

Glove Box Extra Large.png
Lentek Glove Family_sm.png

With the existing Lentus network of sales resources and wholesale suppliers paired with custom-designed packaging, marketing and product promotions, a full-line of LENTEK gloves including four different specialty glove types swept across the United States, Canada and Central America in a matter of a few months. Lentus continues with the development of new vendor partner relationships both in the area of gloves and in the broader category of Personal Protective Equipment.

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