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Innovative Gloves

With a plant in Thailand growing and expanding to accommodate big plans to expand sales into North American markets, Innovative Gloves needed to find a partner with the experience and connections to make it happen.

The timing couldn’t have been better as Lentus was exploring the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) in support of their broad network of wholesale suppliers in Construction, MRO and HVAC/R-Plumbing markets in the US. You could say that Innovative Gloves were the perfect fit.

Glove Box Extra Large.png

While searching the world for the right brand to partner with based on quality, availability and need, Lentus traveled to Thailand to meet with Innovative Gloves. Lentus takes vendor partner relationships very seriously and after touring the plant and discussing how the direction of the two companies complemented each other so well Lentus created a US brand for the manufacturer’s products and began marketing them across the states.


The Lentus relationship was also just the thing Innovative Gloves needed. With high quality products and excellent manufacturing capabilities Innovative Gloves was well positioned for growth. What was missing was the ability to hit the ground running in North American markets. It could take years to find warehousing space and staff in the United States, develop relationships with wholesalers, create a network of manufacturer’s reps and a sales network, to develop customer service resources and to manage so many other additional challenges. Lentus offered a plug-and-play solution delivering entry to US markets in a matter of weeks.

If your organization is exploring the how to take advantage of the most active economy in the world and would like the same advantages Lentus provides to Innovative Gloves, contact Lentus today. We’re always looking for new vendor partners who provide excellent products.

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