At Lentus we strive to provide quality, innovative products and great customer service. With this in mind we are excited to announce that we are implementing a new ERP system, NetSuite, in the very near future. Today, we can share that Lentus is planning to stop shipping on December 22, 2021 and resume shipping on January 4, 2022. This will allow us to complete many of the necessary steps for a successful transition.

As with any large-scale project we expect to experience bumps in the road along the way. We appreciate your patience as we work through any issues that may arise. With that being said, there may be a change to the dates we plan to stop and start shipping. If there is a change, we will update our customers.

We will be working with our customers on how this benefits each of you! Stay tuned for more information. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Lentus team at or 270-765-2212. We look forward to serving our customers more efficiently.

tough blockages and clogs, Instant Power Main Line Cleaner is the solution

If you have tough blockages and clogs, Instant Power Main Line Cleaner is the solution. The Main Line Cleaner is a non-acid formulation intended to clear main sewer lines and interior lateral/vertical lines of all obstructions.


  • Clears clogs

  • Intended for larger drain pipes

  • Safe for all plumbing pipes

  • No odors, no fumes

  • Made in us the USA


  • Hotels/motels

  • Apartment complexes

  • Residential

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals/nursing homes

  • Industrial/Manufacturing facilities

  • Educational facilities


Before using, allow backed up water to drain out. It is best to utilize when facilities are not to be used for 7-8 hours, such as overnight. This product is intended to be used completely in one application. Pour the entire gallon into drain. After 8 hours, flush with hot water for five minutes. If problem persists, a second gallon of Main Line Cleaner may be required. This product may discolor counter tops. Do not allow to come in contact with any material other than drain pipes. Wear safety goggles and long rubber gloves to protect from possible eruption of Lye.

Contact us to order Instant Power Main Line Cleaner. Give us a call at 270-765-2212 or email

Updated: Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lentus team! Our office will be closed Thursday and Friday so we can enjoy the holiday with our families.

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