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Welcome to the Lentus team!

We are thrilled to introduce Kyle Curry as our new Production Manager. Kyle comes to us with an extensive background in the automotive industry, where he served as a Maintenance Group Leader for seven years and an Engineer Technician for three years.

Kyle is looking forward to ensuring the effective production of top-notch quality products. He oversees the production team, organizes workflow, and ensures it meets required deadlines. We’re glad to have you with us, Kyle!

Discover the revolutionary LENTEK™ 172 Hybrid Sealant, a one-part, moisture-cure RTV infused with advanced silane-terminated polymer chemistry. This sealant blends the paint-friendly properties of polyurethane, weather resistance found in silicone, and the adhesion capabilities of a hybrid sealant technology.


  • Strong adhesion

  • Environmentally friendly and compliant with VOC standards

  • Resistant to UV and weather conditions

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Meets USDA requirements for non-food contact

  • Paintable within a 24-hour timeframe


  • Construction Joints: Ideal for sealing joints in construction materials

  • HVAC Duct Sealing: Used to seal connections in ductwork, preventing air leakage

  • General Purpose: Versatile for a wide range of general-purpose sealing applications, both indoors and outdoors


  • 7300003, 302 mL, Gray, 12 / 1,296

  • 7300004, 302 mL, White, 12 / 1,296

To order LENTEK™ 172 Hybrid, call 270-765-2212 or email

We are excited to attend the HARDI trade show from December 2 to 5 in Phoenix, Arizona! We look forward to connecting with everyone, sharing insights, and showcasing our products. From silicones to glycol, our products are redefining excellence in the HVAC world.

Mark your calendars to swing by Booth 307!

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