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Shawn Schild began designing gloves more than 20 years ago, back when he was competing as a bareback rider in Rodeo. His goal was to create a glove that would give him an advantage in grip strength, while also protecting his hand. Over the years, Shawn’s gloves have become THE standard in bareback riding.

Now, Bear Knuckles™ is bringing the patented Double Wedge™ ergonomic design to the working man and woman. These gloves are built with curved fingers, the way your hand is naturally. The result is a leather glove that not only has a better grip but reduces fatigue and lasts much longer.


Lentus is the Master Industrial Distributor for Bear Knuckles™ Gloves and we proudly stock:


Bear Knuckles™ D351 Extreme Curve Driver Glove 


Rugged cowhide glove with natural curved design. 

• Patented Double Wedge design (ExtremeCurved Finger) 

• Shirred back (Elastic stretch band for secure fit) 

• Purpose placed gussets for longer-lasting construction 

• Minimized seams for less stitching wear 

• Outside stitching for extreme comfort 

• Ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue 

• Less stress on gloves that will create a longer life

This series of videos gives you a first hand look at how to use Lentus products properly and gives you tips to get the most out of the tools you use. 

Have a question about a particular product or application?  Leverage the knowledge of our product experts and they'll get back to you with the information you need.


Bear Knuckles™ W572 Extreme Curve Welder Glove


Rugged cowhide welding glove with natural curved design.

• Patented Double Wedge design (Extreme Curved Finger)

• 7" Tapered Split leather cuff

• Full seam gussets for longer-lasting construction

• Minimized seams for less stitching wear

• Ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue

• Less stress on gloves that will create a longer life

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